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"My heart is overflowing with a good theme. I recite my compositions concerning the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer." (Psalm 45:1) This verse has become a life verse for me. As I continue to walk it out, I realize this journey as a breast cancer survivor has changed me but does not define me. I remain the loved, chosen, redeemed and blessed child of the living God who supplies me daily with more hope, strength, grace and courage than I ever dreamed I could possess! God has been so good to me ... indeed my tongue is the pen of a ready writer ... poised to tell the story of my faithful Father! I love Him so!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflections...past, present and future...

Time to “un-decorate” our trees, put the ornaments away, take the lights down, return the unwanted gifts, go on a diet because of all the goodies that we consumed ... whew, I’m exhausted just typing it!

Seriously, while we will do those things listed above, Christmas is never really over for the believer. I mean, sure the day passes, the season passes, and we flip our calendars but if we abide in Him and He abides in us then we get to celebrate Him, His very presence, every day of every year. What better gift could he give us than Himself - Emmanuel, God with us (John 1:14), His very life, His righteousness, His benefits (1 Peter 2:24)! Oh it just thrills me to think of all that He blesses us with every day of our lives.

For me, I’ve been thinking more and more about how very good God has been to me in 2009. He has taken me to deep places and grown my faith in ways that, given the choice, I would never have desired but He knows best and is molding me, more and more, into His image. The Refiners fire....indeed...and I’m learning to surrender!

And then there’s the last week of December...there has always been something so special to me about the last week of December. The celebrations behind us and the new year before us...we find ourselves standing between the old and the new. We find ourselves standing on the precipice of untouched days ahead and it sets our hearts to dreaming of all that can be and maybe will be. I find it so refreshing and exciting, even with the unknown of those days.

So Happy New Year my friends! I pray that you will reflect on 2009 fondly. I pray that even in the ups and downs of this past year you will have seen the mighty hand of God in your life. I pray that as you stand on the brink of 2010 you will be more determined than ever before to press in and press on. More determined to surrender to His will and the calling on your life!

Be blessed!
Cindy K.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mixing - underway!

Today has been spent in the studio watching, listening to the mix of the songs that are on my CD. Wow! It's truly an amazing process and GAT3 studios is just awesome. They have walked me through this entire process with such authentic attention and interest to the heart of my vision. From the incredible musicians and background singers they have arranged, to the current mix process they have honored the call of my heart. Thank you GAT3.

So many of you have told me that you would like to purchase a copy of my CD and I think the best way to allow that would be to let you pre-order a copy. With this in mind, I've added a Buy Now button and as soon as the CD is available I will mail it or deliver it to you. You know where to find me at church :) and I'll make every effort to get it into your hands ASAP. I hope to have the finished product in hand by the first week of January 2010.

My blog address to pre-order is http://psalmfortyfiveone.blogspot.com

Please take advantage of this option and I thank you for your love and support throughout the process. God has blessed me with the very best friends and family. I love you all.

And what a process ... truly, what a ride this has been! Who would have thought that out of the midst of my fear, pain, anxiety, illness, uncertainty ... our Father would open this door of opportunity... I thank you Lord for turning my sadness to joy, for being the song that I sing. We're still walking this journey out aren't we God? But, I trust in You! I trust in the work You have already done in my health and I surrender to Your will for the rest my life! I chose to praise you while I have my being! (Psalm 146:2) Oh may You be blessed by this project! It's all for You! I love You wildly!